Michigan Drug Charges | Marijuana And Illegal Drug Possession

Drug Charges Attorneys Lawyer In Michigan

Have you been charged or arrested for drug possession or other narcotic drug charges? You need answers from a drug charge defense attorney that has both experience and a track record for success. Let drug charge defense attorneyMurray A. Duncan protect your rights.

Examples of Michigan drug charges vary from possession of marijuana misdemeanors to felony charges for sale, trafficking or production of cocaine — which could result in life imprisonment. You need an attorney skilled with drug charge defense to fight for your rights.

Depending on the severity of the drug charges against you, it may be necessary to defend yourself in Federal court. If convicted of a Federal Drug Crime, the penalties can be significantly more severe than charges from Michigan Courts. Whether you are dealing with Michigan or Federal courts, criminal defendants wanting to avoid jail or prison will need to contact a skilled drug defense attorney.

A defendant may face criminal charges for any of a number of particular criminal offenses all related to controlled substances, including illegal street drugs as well as prescription drugs. If the offense occurred within a certain distance of a school, playground, church or community center, the penalties may also be increased. Under both state and Federal law, the unlawful manufacturing, distributing, cultivating, transporting, selling, possessing or trafficking of controlled substances may be punishable by imprisonment in state prison or county jail, and/or by heavy fines.

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